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  • Submitted: May 06 2012 09:20 PM
  • Last Updated: May 06 2012 09:20 PM
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  • Compatible with 10.5.x Leopard: Not sure
  • Compatible with 10.6.x Snow Leopard: No
  • Compatible with 10.7.x Lion: Yes
  • Compatible with 10.8.x Mountain Lion: Not sure
  • Compatible with 10.9.x Mavericks: Unkown
  • Source / Credits: link

Download Final Packages ACER 4750G 1.0

- - - - -

Aspire 4750G-2414G64Mnkk
Proc : intel core i5-2410M 2.3 Ghz
Package for acer 4750G with bios 2.15 (official release) only and OSX 10.7.3 (Update first before you go)
remove NullCPUPowerManagement.kext and replace all same kexts with my kexts

All works without exceptions:

1. Decrease CPU Temperature running between 60o-75o (previous upload can reach to 85o and up )
2. GPU 540M works (sorry too early to claim this until optimus application available for os x) but if connected with HDMI OpenGL Extension Viewer give score hundreds to thousands dependent background running apps , score only tens if run in built in display
3. Bluetooth foxconn/honhai works tested with SE Vivaz (not tested with Apple Magic Mouse and Apple Wireless Keyboard, I don't have it yet)
4. Sleep works
5. QE enable
6. TurboBoost enable refer here

Download all my kexts here [Update 19Nop2012]
Another laptop, Use RW Evertything to get your ACPI systems or AIDA64 (thanks for Vurda)

Благодарим вас за русских друзей, приветствия от Soekarnoism

no comment yet, at least thank you are welcome
Sorry, why can't I download your kexts?Can you upload them?
I tested and nothing wrong with url. Just try again.
hey,really good,thk. but,i cannot download the kexts,please check
my kexts size 29.7 MB, please try again download with patience. I checked a few minutes a ago, nothing wrong.
hey servile , fellow acer 4750g user here
updated my bios to the latest firmware.. and it seems that both linux and mac are able to detect it..
( in linux , vga_switcheroo had the ability to control it wow )

i was wondering if ethernet was working for you.. also , does the kext work with 10.7.4 ?

typing this from mac osx 10.7.2 using wifi :P
fplolz, where's the link.
10.7.4 I tried, all works except wifi. so I roll back 10.7.3, this version is enough with me and I enjoy with it ... :encouragement:
nice kext! Thanks a lot servile! how to turn on wifi? :D sorry i'm newbie..
woots ! Servile.. everything works.. cept for VGA and ethernet :P

wifi works great on my model... using a slightly different model from yours.. the i7 model of 4750g
@a7dry. Turn on wi-fi, Finder-Applications-System Preferences-Network
This is my suggesting:
1. make sure you're add wi-fi in left column with + -> wi fi interface, and sign show Wi-fi status in menu bar.
2. Click button turn-on in status.
3. If no adapter, just Fn+F3 to turn in on or off.